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With Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Barlow wrote a game where you're quizzed by a therapist, and your responses shape the game experience."In Her Story, because the order in which information about the protagonist's guilt or innocence is revealed is down to the player’s actions, different players can spin a different ‘type’ of detective story," Barlow says.Having finished a prototype just two days before this summer's scheduled shoot with Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive 2009, Land hand-delivered to Williams the first-ever Red One camera outfitted with the Epic 5K Mysterium-X Sensor.You know, just a couple of tens of thousands of dollars worth of the world's most advanced photographic equipment in your carry-on. She has been in the same room with Michael Bay at least once. She shares a birthday with three notable actors, two of whom have starred in a film together. When he shot Megan Fox for us earlier this year with the Red ONE video camera, Greg Williams made a film star come to life like never before.The camera folks from Red noticed, too."I had a feeling since the Megan Fox experience turned out to be so incredible, that the combination of Greg Williams and Esquire would be the perfect platform to reveal our next-generation equipment for the first time," says Jarred Land, who holds the enviable title of Fire Chief at Red.

I’ve tried to create a system whereby players can create their own Eureka moments -— and also enjoy the happy accidents that frequently benefit real-life detectives working against the clock." Two years of living in Tanzania with his family as a child gave Barlow the sense that you could always break away from life's expected structures.

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